Vote for Who gets the $1000 Grant!!

The #MetsUnite Climate Change initiative raised $1000 for charity!! The funds were raised through royalties from the items displayed on TV and on social media June 21st. Thank you for all who participated and purchased items. Now it’s time to decide who gets the money!

The selected charities were chosen through suggestions from the public. The requirements are simple: The entity must be a not for profit (501 c3 not necessary) with a focus on Climate Change awareness and education.

The choices are Cleo Institute, Climate Without Borders, Skeptical Science and Alliance for Climate Education. Please click on the links in the previous sentence to learn more about the organizations. Vote below… (please only vote once)

Which Climate Change Education & Awareness Non Profit Should Receive the $1000 #MetsUnite Grant?

For transparency purposes the #MetsUnite initiative was strictly a not for profit initiative. No profits from the #MetsUnite event will be distributed to any person or entity, except for the not for profit who receives the most votes. Voting will take place from July 9th through July 20th, 2018. Voting will end Friday July 20th at 8 pm eastern US time.

In the interest of full transparency these are the earnings (below screenshot) generated by the #MetsUnite initiative. You will notice it totals slightly more than $1000. Any extra funds beyond $1000 will be used to reimburse expenses. No profit will be made by myself or MetsUnite. Want any of the “Warming Stripes” merchandise? You can purchase it here… Any revenue generated beyond the scope of the initiative will be determined by the creator of the Warming Stripe pattern @ed_hawkins.

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