The Climate Challenge – The Opportunity of a Lifetime

How lucky we are to be presented with this most systemic and formidable of challenges – the Climate Challenge. Strange thing to say I know, but I ask that you indulge me for a moment.

I think if we are honest with ourselves, we know that our culture-of-more is just not working for us. This is not a dig on modern society. Modernity has done wonders for our comfort, but not our happiness.

Our society is filled with constant arguing, resentment and a growing addiction problem. Our hamster wheel of life is often empty. We’ve lost our purpose.

Looking back on my life the fondest moments are in connecting with others, often working on a common goal.

Try looking back on your most satisfied moments. What are they?

In those moments, do you feel a sense of purpose, belonging – that you are part of something bigger than yourself?

Most view our changing climate as a threat. It sure is – the biggest. However, if viewed from a different angle, threat turns into opportunity. An opportunity to work together and connect with each other. An opportunity to unite on a common cause. An opportunity to chart a new and more rewarding course. An opportunity for true personal fulfillment.

Viewed in that light, the climate challenge is a global catalyst for cooperation. In fact, it’s the only common cause that affects everyone on the planet. It requests cooperation from virtually everyone.

At the risk of getting too philosophical, could this be a challenge presented by the vast wisdom of creation or Creator? Make manifest a challenge that leads humankind back to camaraderie and purpose.

Being honest with ourselves, do we deserve to continue on as a species if we can’t confront challenges and emerge more connected, or at least wiser? It’s true – humanity may not pass this test.

While you may not agree with my philosophical take on life, my guess is you know we are destroying ourselves personally and our species collectively.

And that’s the great opportunity of the climate challenge. In uniting to solve this most systemic of adversaries, we relearn connection and attain fulfillment. Oh, and we get to survive too.

How triumphant would that be?

So, communicators I ask you: try framing climate change as opportunity to unite for a better life. It’s likely just what the doctor ordered.

Jeff Berardelli

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