MetsUnite – Show Your Stripes – June 21st 2019!!!

Join climate conscious meteorologists on June 21, 2019 – the Summer Solstice – as we unite to Show Your Stripes!

Last June, hundreds of TV meteorologists from all around the planet took part in #MetsUnite to send a united message on climate change. Sporting the now iconic Warming Stripes pattern on items like neckties and necklaces, communicators conveyed a clear concept – Earth’s warming is accelerating fast!

Last Year's MetsUnite - Meteorologists Sporting Warming Stripes to Raise Climate Awareness

Climate Scientist Ed Hawkins conceived the simple blue-to-red visual to communicate the unambiguous story of our warming planet. This year the visuals will be available for dozens of US cities and International countries.

For 2019, lead by our network of broadcast meteorologists all around the world, we are expanding the initiative to… well… everyone on Earth! We will be joined by climate scientists, advocacy groups and just about anyone who cares about the planet.

On June 21st please download and display your region’s warming stripes on TV and/or social media with a message about how the climate is changing in your local area or why you care about our changing climate. Use the hashtags #MetsUnite and #ShowYourStripes. (websites to download the patterns will be posted here and on social media soon).

If you’d like to match your fellow TV meteorologists, you can purchase one of various warming stripes items here.

Questions? Please message me @WeatherProf on twitter.

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