TV meteorologists world wide  unite on climate change!

What is MetsUnite?

MetsUnite is a not for profit organization helping meteorologists lead on climate change. The term climate change conjures up a multitude of thoughts from sea level rise to national security, but for the average person the first image that comes to mind is extreme weather. Thus meteorologists in the media are the best positioned to set the narrative straight. They are a sleeping giant. Our job is to wake them up and get them engaged!

Our Story

#MetsUnite launched as a world wide campaign on June 21, 2018. On that day 100+ TV meteorologists from all around the globe displayed @Ed_Hawkins "Warming Stripes" pattern (image on top of this page) to promote climate change awareness. The initiative was covered by various media such as the Washington Post, Forbes, EcoWatch, WeatherNation TV, Wunderground just to name a few. It was a huge success with participation from the USA, Canada, China, Vietnam, Oman, Italy, Germany, Andorra, Belgium, Spain, the UK, and Brazil. Inadvertently the event raised $1000 which was donated to climate change not for profits.

Meet the Team

The website template calls for 3 team members. So please excuse the three obnoxious pictures of me 🙂 However the next MetsUnite is Summer Solstice 2019. If you'd like to help me rally both meteorologists and other organizations to sport the WarmingStripes to raise climate change awareness please email me at

Jeff Berardelli


Long time TV meteorologist in the USA hoping to make a difference in the world!

Me Again

Wearing Another Hat!

Still Me!

Want to Help?

Clearly with all of these hats I can use your help. Want to join the effort? Email me.

Next Steps...

Meteorologists: When the public thinks of climate change they think "extreme weather". You are the sleeping giant. You are the missing link in climate communication. Join the effort and help set the narrative straight!!